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Talenters' 2015

Talenter™ Awards


31 of January of 2016

Talenter™ held in 2015 its´ first edition of the Talenter™ Awards – “Talenters'15”.
This initiative aimed to publicly recognize the company staff members that during the year stood out positively in several categories: Customer Orientation, Communication and Interpersonal Relationship, Enthusiasm and Dedication, Leadership, Presentation and Sympathy, Method and Organization, Openness to Change, Employee of the Year and Trainee of the Year. There was also a public recognition for the agency that stood out for its´ environmental awareness and practices - Talenter™ Store Green' and for Talenters most senior employee in terms of service years.
Voting was open to all staff members for 3 weeks and the winners were announced in a ceremony at the Christmas Dinner’ 2015.
Winners 2015:
Customer Orientation (Juliana Aguiar. Commercial Consultant)
Communication and Interpersonal Relationship (Claudia Saraiva. Operational Coordinator North)
Enthusiasm and Dedication (Amílcar Gabriel. Director of Talenter™ Management)
Leadership (Amílcar Gabriel. Director of Talenter™ Management)
Presentation and Sympathy (Milis Sorinela. Payroll Technician)
Method and Organization (Amílcar Gabriel. Director of Talenter™ Management)
Openness to Change (Tatiana Vale. Head of Communication & Quality)
Employee of the Year (Sonia Marques. Sales Project Coordinator)
Trainee of the Year (Carmo Blanc)
Greenest Talenter ™ Store (Talenter™ Store Entroncamento)
Seniority (António Lopes. Business Consultant)