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Talenters' 2016

Talenter™ Awards


30 of December of 2016

Talenter™ held in 2016 it’s second edition of the Talenter™ Awards,Talenters'16.

Once again this initiative aimed to publicly recognize Talenter™ employees that during the year stood out positively in several categories: Greenest Talenter™ Store, Talenter™ Store of the Year, Customer Orientation, Communication and Interpersonal Relationship, Enthusiasm and Dedication, Leadership, Presentation and Sympathy, Method and Organization, Openness to Change, Seniority, Trainee of the Year and Employee of the Year.

Voting was open to all staff members for 2 weeks and the winners were announced in a ceremony at the Christmas Dinner 2016.


Winners 2016:
Greenest Talenter™ Store (Talenter™ Store Castelo Branco)
Talenter™ Store of the Year (Talenter™ Store Aveiro)
Customer Orientation (Tiago Esteves, Commercial Consultant)
Communication and Interpersonal Relationship (Susana Freitas, Recruitment Technician and Tiago Esteves, Commercial Consultant)
Enthusiasm and Dedication (Carlos Gomes, Pay-Roll Coordinator)
Leadership (Rita Mendonça, Talent Management Coordinator)
Presentation and Sympathy (Bernarda Lopes, Communication and Image Technique and Dora Grilo, Human Resources Consultant)
Method and Organization (Alexandra Tavares, General Management Assistant)
Openness to Change (Amílcar Gabriel, Director of Talent Management)
Seniority (João Carriço, Human Resources Consultant)
Trainee of the Year (Joana Magalhães)
Employee of the Year (Bruno Garcia, Human Resources Consultant)