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The Engine in Creating Best Talent Management Practices


22 of September of 2017

Temporary work has to assert itself as a form of recruitment and selection, in order to generate a positive impact on the dynamism of the labor market. As a social function, it has to be seen in enterprises as a way of easing, as a strategic management instrument, making them more competitive, flexible and able to tackle competition-level challenges and achieve high levels of Productivity.

Whenever a worker initiates a labor relationship through temporary work, he’ll acquire with the formation and integration process, new competencies, enabling him to enrich his professional experience and endow himself with skills that will be greatly enriching for their professional evolution.

In this way, the temporary work becomes the engine in the creation of best practices of talent management, this translates the quote “the ideal talent in the right place (company)”.

For this, temporary work firms have technically enabled interlocutors for the professional career counseling of candidates and act as an entry door for continuous professional evolution. Whether it is a candidate for the first job or unemployed in short or long duration, in temporary work it can be more easily fit the candidate in a workstation that is better compatibilize with his skills and qualifications.

It is assumed that companies use temporary work as a form of relaxation, both recruitment and market processes, since they are promoting, developing and generating the whole recruitment process, as well the administrative process and also, they enhance the evolution of the candidate, according to his talents.

We have to abolish increasingly the prejudices associated with temporary work and translate them as current and targeted opportunities to an increasingly globalized society.

The labor market is adapting to new rules imposed by global markets and temporary work is part of this change. We have to promote their gain, effectively being a vehicle for successful careers and opportunities, without prejudice to insecurity and abuse.

 Besides that, temporary work allows to diversify experiences and acquire knowledge in a flexible way, however there will also be an opening to the change of all stakeholders, and it’s certain that the motivations of each contributor are also essential to the success of this evolution.