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The Specialization as Differentiating Factor


07 of September of 2017

Talenter™ is assumed to be a company of integrated solutions, adapting of the customer’s needs. With an active role and committed to quality and excellence, developing personalizes services, ranging from hospitality to industry, “facilities”, brand emotions, logistics, telecommunications and health.

We understand that increasingly the costumer asks for a tailored suit. We’ve to know the business area and the reality of the client so we can satisfy their needs, the specialization on the service is the differentiator in the search for a supplier – with increasingly demanding costumers, it’s natural that when it comes to ‘outsourcing’, it’s expected and requires a service of excellence where quality, rigor and professionalism are decisive factors.

We don’t see the search for people for vacancies availed as a difficulty but rather as a challenge. It’s normal in some sectors of activity to feel more, but that’s where we can make a difference. We can’t wait for the candidates to “knock on the door”, we have to find other solutions. I give two examples: when we have difficulty finding candidates with training for hospitality, we have created an academy to suppress this gap; our collaborators or candidates had difficulty in moving to the costumer, so we created a transport service with their own routes. These are two good examples of Talenter’s internal designs to support our hospitality costumers.

In this business all the details are important, from the project manager to the team, the training and equipment allocated. Daily management is made based on an action plan defined at the beginning of the project, where it is detailed the specificity of the service and each integral part of the process. The key to success is the close monitoring of our managers, who specialize in sectors and monitor the activity with the various tools available.