Talenting™ Training Solutions

Talenting™ the Academic Spirit

Talenter™ offers an innovative approach to Vocational Training, based on the principle that talent is not synonymous with innate capacities, but also of developed skills.

We believe that Vocational Training, more than a need or requirement, should, first and foremost, represent a proactive and constructive view of the working world.

For this to become a reality, people need to awaken their “academic spirit” and this is one of the main challenges and contributions of Talenter™ Academy.

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Talenting™ Training Solutions

Talenter™ Academy is based in Portugal, where has developed its training solutions. However, if you are not in Portugal and would like to challenge us, forward your request to academy@talenter.com.

Talenting™ Training Programs

Training programs tailored to answer the most recent organizational challenges.

Talenting™ Training Management - BPO

Training Management Project, based on experience, rigour and pedagogical sensitivity. An externalized training department to plan and execute your training needs.

Talenting™ Teambuilding

Short-term and creative approach to any challenge within the Talent Management universe.