Talenting™ You




In the volatile, complex and uncertain environment of business, we believe that talent management offers better results if it anticipates future needs, specifically concerning skills. We fight this environment by using plans designed to address these shortcomings.

In this sense, the training courses available to applicants and employees are structured and updated annually, upon analysis of the results of the Talenting™ Needs Diagnosis, a organizational trends study ¹, developed by Talenter™.

As a result, we pinpoint the most valuable skills  and design training programs specifically to adress the employers needs.

Applicants can also envisage their “possible professional futures” and adopt an appropriate proactive approach, through training in specific employment areas.

¹ A study developed annually by Talenter™ with reference to domestic companies through a combination of quantitative and qualitative techniques in order to provide an accurate and valid measure of employability factors and taking into consideration performance reviews for a successful performance. The study reflects the vision of market segmentation, i.e., the perception of the how each sector works internally, therefore adapting itself to the distinct reality of 5 Business Units, around which Talenter™ structures its business.