“I currently work as a Kitchen Worker, at Eurest Portugal, a job I am very satisfied with. Talenter™ represented ‘a light at the end of the tunnel’, opening doors for new opportunities. I am very grateful and happy to work with Talenter™. ”

Domingas de Oliveira / Kitchen Worker / Eurest

“Coming across a company like Talenter™ is a synonymous with a future perspective. Talenter™ relies on training and providing job opportunities that match your profile, expectations and experience. I am currently working in a Cafeteria at the Portuguese Institute of Oncology, in Porto and this experience has given a lot more meaning to my life, both personally and professionally, becoming for me, a highly rewarding job. ”

Patrícia Costa / Cafeteria Employee / Eurest

“Talenter™ is, without a doubt, a human resources company that seeks to respond and meet the needs of applicants and employees by offering innovative and practical solutions. I trust Talenter™ for giving me the opportunity to further develop my skills on a personal and professional level. ”

Maria Manuela Teixeira Oliveira / Administrative Assistant / Servesco

“Working with Talenter™ means you work with a professional, dedicated and available team. For me, Talenter™ represents the opportunity of personal and professional growth. I am totally satisfied with Talenter™, a company I consider to be a market reference and the joint experience has been very positive and enriching. ”

Susana Maria Machado Pestana Nogueira / Administrative Assistant / Bordados Anjos, Lda.

“I have worked with Talenter™ for almost two years and the experience has shown me that this is a dynamic, entrepreneurial company with a great organizational atmosphere. I feel that my work has been recognized and I have been given opportunities for professional growth and development.”

Liliana Barbosa / Administrative Assistant / Alves Ribeiro, S.A.